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Ludus Choas: Tel by Maestro-Derpicus Ludus Choas: Tel by Maestro-Derpicus
Just message me if you want to rp alright? I'm mostly on skype, so feel free to ask for it?
☩Name: Tel

☩Gender: Male

☩Age: 23

☩Race: Cursed Human

☩Height: ft / cm 5'11ft/180.34cm

|Aura|: Training off a message left in his journal before his memory left him, he /retaught/ himself how to see the aura of living beings. When blind, he uses it to navigate around in towns to prevent himself from walking into people, or to see if anyone is going to ambush him in the roads. As implied, he is limited to living beings, so inanimate objects, or the undead escape his view easily. He can see in a 360 degree fashion with a 25ft radius.

|Dream-Walking|: Based off yet another message left in his journal, he taught himself how to put himself in a dream like world upon sleep. Unfortunately for him, he can't decide whether he wants to go into said world or not yet. When sleeping, he sees a warped version of reality, buildings change appearance to him, nature changes based on where he's at, and people become things based off minuscule details he sees on them. However, he can see people more normally the more he comes into contact with them while he can see. The purpose of this dream like world is to guide him in his travels, and will help him in minor ways such as making paths hidden to others more apparent to him, or blocking him off from entering areas that he would know consciously to be somewhere he doesn't need to be.

l Cane-sword l: Presumably enchanted before his loss of memory, it can serve as a staff as well as a lethal weapon.

l Lightning-Sword l: Based on teachings left in his journal, he has learned how to electrify his sword to give his opponents a rather nasty shock. The more he uses it, the weaker the shock until it can hardly manage a static like shock.

l Fire-Sword l: Using his sword as conductor, it erupts into flames and can shoot fireballs at his targets. Flames end if used to strike someone or overused.

☩Faction: Pilgrim

☩Occupation: Mercenary

~Sword disguised as a cane
~Food supply
~Medicine kit

☩Character History: The poor man woke up in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere in a place that looked like there had been a struggle beforehand. He found he had no recollection of where exactly he was, what the struggle had been about, or that he had been a part of it. It even seemed to him that he was having trouble remembering his name! He happened by a book nearby, not much bigger than an average novel. Opening it, he found nothing more than a few pages dedicated to spells that he somehow felt were familiar, and a couple of survival hints before it ended abruptly with a short narrative. It was dated for whatever day it apparently was, and had the sole words "I can't escape it." before being signed off by a mysterious T.E.L. Since the man had no name he could recall, he decided to borrow the initials, dubbing himself Tel from that point on. He also found a map leading to the nearest town. Oh how lovely~ Whoever left this book didn't want him to be out in the middle of nowhere. And upon closer inspection of the map, it did seem he was at a rather intimidating place... Before he left, he found a satchel and a cane, the latter seeming to be more deadly despite it's appearance. Shrugging it off, he looted a seemingly concentrated stash of goods left behind by the struggle and headed off towards the town.

He's been travelling about ever since for more than a year.

☩Personality: A sort of fellow who follows where the wind seems to blow, he never really ties himself down to any one place. While he may claim he is searching for his memory, he is never disappointed in the mishap-pen adventures that occur in his attempt to jog his mind. He never means anything wrong, but can tend to accidentally cause up trouble such as trespassing unknowingly into sacred lands or the like. He's optimistic about most things, even to the point of it seeming unnatural. And he's awfully stubborn when it comes to wanting to know something, becoming a pest to someone who has some information he would love to know. He tries to treat all he comes into contact as equals, and often accidentally brings those of authority down to his level accidentally. He tends to have a childlike innocence when it comes to his outlook on life, making it so he reacts almost positively to most things thrown his way.

☩Likes: Biscuits, travelling, company, reading, thinking.

☩Dislikes: Staying still, waiting, not getting an answer to a question

-To be added into-

☩Curse: Blind during the day or extreme light. Sight fades as more light is introduced to him.
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axelyaoiroxas Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
:iconblushplz: Char Char, you're getting betterrrrrrrrrrrrr
Maestro-Derpicus Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
About time :iconmingtearsplz: Tel finally agreed to let me draw him after six years, and he's better looking for it. ;~;
sasookay Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Kal: *claps hands*
Maestro-Derpicus Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Tel: ovo?
sasookay Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Kal: *plaps his face*
Maestro-Derpicus Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Tel: >H> "I fail to see any purpose in this."
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